Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Vet d-man Mark Fayne on waivers

 #Oilers #Oilersnation . D-man Mark Fayne was put on waivers today for the purpose of reassignment to the Bakersfield Condors.

Why, you ask?  Look no further than David Staples stats on Grade "A" Chances Per 15 Minutes (Plus/Minus).

Nurse    -0.58
Schultz  -0.58
Gryba    -0.66
Davidson -0.75
Reinhart -0.83
Klefbom  -0.86
Sekera   -0.91
Fayne    -1.85
Ference  -1.90

Fayne is in Ference territory and his game against Dallas was atrocious, with guys beating him multiple times.  He's simply not fast enough.

Remember that Nikitin and Fayne were brought in by MacT to steady-up the defense and now McLellan doesn't have them or Ference on the team anymore, including goalie Scrivens.

Yes, Reinhart was sent down, but look for him to be brought back up again.

Man that's a lot of MacT cap coin buried in the AHL or on "Injured Reserve":

Nikitin  $3.5m
Fayne    $3.6m
Ference  $3.2m
Scrivens $1.3m
Total:  ~$11.8m

Remember that Fayne and Ference still have years left on their contracts.  Nikitin and Scrivens are UFA, so look for buyouts on F&F, unless some team claims Fayne in the next day.

This leaves the d-core at:

Nurse (L) - Sekera (L)
Klefbom (L) - Gryba (R)
Davidson (L) - Schultz (R)

I believe all the guys on the left side have earned their spot--especially Davidson, who continues to impress all of us.  I like cheering for players like that--who've worked hard and battled through a broken system to earn his rightful place on a team.  And I like to see him on the powerplay as well.

Essentially, what we are seeing here is an actual overhaul of the mistakes made in the past by bad scouting, bad development, and bad contracts for bad players.

There's still more work to be done to correct the errors in judgment made, but from this we can tell that this season has been admittedly proven that Rebuild 1.0 and 2.0 didn't work at all and Rebuild 3.0 is underway, but for real this time.

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