Saturday, January 30, 2016

All-Star weekend sucks, right?

A lot of folks, including players, think the NHL All Star Game has turned into a joke. No Sydney, Ovi and Toews are conveniently sick and get game suspensions. Fans vote in a guy who got traded and sent down to the AHL.  Three on three format.  No one really tries. 

Honestly though, the All Star Game has never been a playoff style tough game. Scores have always been high. More dazzle than frazzle. 

Thing is, with the advent of the Heritage Classic game outside in Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium back in 2003 in -20C, that set a new tone in fan-oriented fun. With the alumni game and other activities, it's no wonder more and more of these Winter Classics are happening at stadiums around the league. The fans sell it out and they love it.  

They love the atmosphere. And that atmosphere is very different than on TV. The smells, the sounds and cold beer held by a cold hand.  Aahhh.. Eskimo football!  

So who cares if the All Star Game isn't real hockey.  

Who cares if Syd, Ovi, and Captain Serious aren't playing.  There are still lots of fantastic players who are happy to take their place and who appreciate the experience more. 

It's entertainment. 

It's for the fans in attendance. 

It's a nice break from the rock em sock em. 

It's fun. 

Just ask John Scott.

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