Friday, March 4, 2016

Patrick "Big Rig" Maroon and my run-in with Kevin Lowe

 #Oilers  You've all seen the goal the last time the Oilers played the Blue Jackets. You know, the one where he dekes through 3 players to then deke another 47 times around the goalie before putting it in?  Yeah, that one.  We'll be seeing that one every year every month for the rest of our lives.

Let's not forget that Taylor Hall's goal last night was one of the great plays of the year.  How far can that guy get his stick out?  Unbelievable reach, speed, and focus. Well, except for that moment right after when he crashed into the boards at 100mph, giving us the suspenseful willies a la McDavid the last time they played the dirty ugly Philadelphia Flyers.  But Hall took a moment, our eyes stayed unblinking thinking "Oh no. Not again!" and he smiled, and fist pumped his team mates.

Oilers Patrick Maroon handles two Flyers. Photo courtesy of the Edmonton Journal

That 6'3" 230lbs beast of a guy Patrick "Big Rig" Maroon made a huge impact on the last game, especially when he played a "Larry, Mo, and Curly" on a couple Flyers players.  Wakka wakka!  And it was a joy to watch him score a dirty in front of the net goal.  The Oilers desperately needed a guy like that since Ryan Smyth was in his prime.  But wow, can Maroon dance with the puck too.  Almost got a wrap around there!  And now he's on a line with Hall and Draisaitl.  Look out!

Everyone is looking at his number #19 and having those split-second woozie moments thinking it's Schultz.  But alas, no!  This guy is much bigger and stronger.  And um, better puck handler than the old #19?  Am I right, fellas?

While listening to the Neilson and Fraser show on TSN1260 radio this morning, they said just that.  Where the old #19 would make you cringe when he touched the puck, where now, "it's kinda orgasmic".  Well, I wouldn't go that far, but it did give me a chuckle.

So here's a story that happened last night you will hopefully enjoy...

I was watching the game at Lux downtown sitting at the side bar tables. While my eyes were glued to the TV, I was noticing how huge and effective Maroon was playing. So I said to my friends at the table out loud over the music playing, "Wow, Chiarelli has been an AMAZING GM!" ... and right when I said that... get this...

none other than Kevin Lowe walked by, heard me and looked at me.

I feel that our years of frustration were lifted off our shoulders in one swift perfectly timed comment.

Let's remember, the Oilers this season with 15 games left have now tied the amount of points they had at the end of last season.  If they played like they did against the Isles and Flyers, the best they can do is probably 22nd place.

And that should get the league's attention that the Oilers are back!

If not, I'm sure Patrick Maroon will remind them.

And McDavid.  Can't forget about him.

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