Thursday, October 8, 2015

Let go Oilers, let go!

 #Oilers rebuild 3.0 is underway. Here are some hard truths:

- Cam Talbot is not proven. He's a gamble. Brossoit could be the guy but I see Nilsson and Laurikainen being the future tandem. 

- The defense is still no where near complete and no better off than the start of last year, really, if not less experienced, which will again eat away at the starting goalie. 

- The top 9 lacks gritty supporting players to the core save maybe Pouliot. Purcell is being showcased obviously, so if you don't understand that and think Yak deserves first line minutes, then you don't get how asset management works.  Lander needs to be moved to make room for Draisaitl at centre. Not wing. Centre. 

- There are 7/12 forwards with five or less years in NHL experience:  Nuge, Hall, McDavid, Slepyshev,Yakupov, Lander, Gazdic

- There are 4/6 defensemen with three years or less in NHL experience:  Klefbom, Schuktz, Gryba, Reinhart

- There are 2/2 goalies with less than a season: Talbot, Nilsson

The only real two way forwards are Pouliot, Nuge, Lander, Hendricks, and Letestu.  

- The only real complete defensemen are Sekera and Klefbom to a degree.

So if you think this team will be able to compete on all 200 feet of the ice, you are sadly mistaken. 

Sorry fans, not this year either.

Let go. Let go.

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