Friday, October 30, 2015

The Price is wrong - Oilers beat Habs once again

 #OilerNation #Oilers #NHL Since the Oilers' first rebuild in 2010 with the addition of Taylor, here's the record against the Montreal Canadiens.  (With winning goalie and game-winning goal player)

ROAD 01DEC2010 4-3OTW Dubnyk, Penner
HOME 17FEB2011 4-1  W Khabibulin, Eberle
ROAD 08NOV2011 3-1  W Khabibulin, Gilbert
HOME 08MAR2012 3-5  L Budaj, Eller
ROAD 24OCT2013 4-3  W Dubnyk, Jones
HOME 24OCT2014 3-0  W Scrivens, Pouliot
ROAD 12FEB2015 4-3  W Fasth, Lander

HOME 29OCT2015 4-3  W Talbot, Draisaitl

That is a pretty good 7-1 record by the Oilers against the Canadiens, who've had a pretty good team since that time and are currently the supposed best team in the league, record-wise.

I was at the game and the Oilers didn't have the jump in their game that the Habs did for the first two periods, who were up 3-0 on the Oil.

That was until Leon Draisaitl (who shall be hereafter referred to as Dr. Drai) put the puck over the line near the very end of the 2nd period.  And I'm reading it was Taylor Hall who told Drai on the bench, "Let's go. You're a good player."  That alone may have given them the momentum in the third period, which they dominated on the shot board and then 3 more goals.

With 3 minutes left, I was saying to my buddy, "If this goes to OT, Oilers will win the 3 on 3."  Then with under a minute left, Dr. Drai dishes out the medication.

What's amazing is Dr. Drai got called up because of cap issues and having to put Ebs on LTIR, so they first called up Pitlick and LaLeggia but they didn't come because of cap or something.  I gotta tell ya, that was some smart management there.

Then having the gaul to put the good Doctor on the top line right side with Hall and Nuge was bold.  And he scores not once, but twice!   

Also notable was Brandon Davidson, who has a howitzer of a shot, and Darnell Nurse who played excellent defense.

Now I don't have to mention that McDavid chip-pass to Pouliot do I?  Amazing.  McDavid might have the best speed and stickhandling anyone has ever seen, but his positioning on PK Subban in the neutral zone to then get on the right side of the puck to have the hands to chip pass it, is just on a whole other level.  McDavid is now 6th in NHL scoring with a 1.09 ppg average and a 1.57 ppg average in his last 7 games.  Say what?!

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