Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Oilers back to old Oilering again vs. Bolts

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Why did they generate only 3 scoring chances all game?

Was it the confidence of the last three wins against Arizona, Philly, and Chicago?  Absolutely.

Brossoit?  No.  No it wasn't.  He played pretty darn well.  All those shots were tough and unexpected.

Was it the two days off?  Possibly.  The sun and weather in Florida can make you a little lethargic if you're not used to it.

Note how Draisaitl sauntered off during that line change which caused a 2 on 1 for Tampa.  If I was McLellan, I would have benched him for it.  Not acceptable.  Set an example.

Again, no one drove to the net.  No chance for a garbage goal against a team whose system, coached by Coop, is to go up a goal and play trappy and create a wall of defense so that you play on the outside and take soft shots (hello, Slepyshev and Caggiula!).  It's no secret I'm not a fan of Jon Cooper's boring system, so the way to defeat it is to take some tanks and bulldoze your way in there Looch, Maroooon, Kass, and Hendo!  That's how they beat Tippet's Trap in 'Zona!

After the game, the usual cliches were spoutedeth (<--, see, not a cliche).  "We need more urgency."  "We need to be better."  blah frickin' blah.  Meaningless.

Oilers never lose against the Panthers on their turf.  Swamp?  Everglades?  Keys?

Whatever it is...


Go to the net.

Go to the net.

Go to the net.

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