Monday, February 13, 2017

Oilers doing old oilering

Holy giveaway city.  Holy lack of scoring.  Holy goalie, Talbs.  What is going on?  Is it 2014?

There's been a belief by many that since Kris Russell has been on the team, they've been much better.  Well, he sure does block a million shots.  But hold on, he played like crap just before he got injured.  

And now, defensively, the giveaways are back to curse them.  I always thought the curse was Rexall Place.  Is it overconfidence? 

Good defense begets better defense from others, and obviously helps Talbot. When one or two cogs break down, the wheel can come off and roll down the stairs in Ford Hall over 104 Ave and right out into the pit where the Winter Garden is going to be. 

When are the middle six forwards going to score?   Ever?  One goal every five games isn't enough. 

My dad texted me from Arizona asking what's gotten into the Oilers?  And I said they are not being aggressive to the net.  When they're aggressive, they win. All these soft shots don't add up to jack if they don't do real damage.  

That five day break got them a little too relaxed.  For McDavid, well, he seemed mighty relaxed with his lady on Instagram.  

Hey, but Nuge got in a fight and handled himself, so there's that, right?

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