Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blue Jackets 0 Oilers 7 - Perron, Yak, Smyth, Dubnyk shine.

Today, I listened to Oilers alumni and character player Dave Lumley (#20) from the glory years on Oilers Now and on TSN Radio. He made a lot of comments about the current team and how the size and grit of the roster should be along with having heart and size, things you can't teach a guy.

Well, the Oilers proved him wrong today.

Now, we're Live Blogging Blue Jackets at Oilers...

1st Period

  • Belov pinching. Stop it!
  • Player left wide open in front of net. We are really bad at this and always have been.
  • Good cycling by Oilers 1st line.  
  • Potter takes shot, rebound, Eberle's in front and scores!  1-0
  • Joey Moss dances better than Kevin Bacon on Footloose.
  • Potter gets puck to face and leaves game. But he came back.
  • Perron good. Three plays that have died with Smyth. I think Perron should be on 2nd line with Yak and Arco. And just as I typed that, Perron scores a greasy one with a good pass from Yak. He's tenacious
  • 2-0.
  • Gazdic takes a really bad penalty with a leg trip in the corner. Idiot.

  • Bobrovsky in the no goalie zone!  You're off the case!
  • Good killing by Acton.
  • Good killing by Hall.
  • I think the Jackets only got one soft shot on that one.
  • Yak flies through zone and draws a penalty near left side circle.  Wow he was really moving there.
  • Oilers currently outchancing 6-1. 
  • Eberle gets hauled down. No call.
  • Get in front of the net, Smyth!
  • Belov is so calm.
  • Gagner lob pass to Smyth in front of net who bats it out of the air into the net!  See!  That's what I've been talking about!
  • 3-0!
  • Hall knocks down Savard, perfectly legal.
  • Most of the play in Jackets' zone. And just as I say that, its in the Oilers zone for a while.
  • 2nd line cycling pretty well.  Yak flying again.
  • 4th line out and Joensuu makes a good hit.
  • Acton backhands puck to the net.
  • Bobrovsky makes save!
  • Joensuu causing havoc. Good to see.
  • A near perfect period for the Oilers. Who'd a thunk it?

2nd Period

  • Johansen gets a good wrist shot off, but Dubnyk perfectly square to puck.
  • Hall gets tripped. Why no call?
  • Gazdic and Boll in a fight.  Looks pretty even.  Another long one and it ends in a tie.  In shortened season last year, Boll fought 12 times.  And now Gazdic has the league lead in fights at 7.   He needs to decisively win some though, but I guess practice makes perfect.
  • Eakins looks really scruffy.
  • Bad rebound by Dubnyk.
  • Block save by Dubnyk.
  • Oilers on their heels.
  • Luckily Petry gets crosschecked by Boo Jenner. Now there's a name.  Oh crap, Ference is in the box too. Why? Oh "Embellishment".
  • Eakins calls a time out.
  • Hall hauled down again. Another no call.
  • Great pass by Yak to Hemsky who goes all alone in front and doesn't bury it. Exciting though.
  • 17-7 shots favour the Oilers.
  • Nice drop pass by Smyth to Perron.
  • Belov calm again and stops the attack.
  • An etching of Dubnyk's new born son is on the back of his mask. Aw.
  • Nuge wins a faceoff! yay!
  • Eberle taken down. No call.
  • Gordon wins faceoff, Smyth passes back to Perron who picks it up on right side, and flicks it over the shoulder of Bobrovsky into the net for his 2nd goal and takes over the team lead in goals with 7.
  • 4-0
  • Yak draws another penalty near 10 minute mark of the game. 
  • Perron stops the puck from going out, moves down, shoots and saved, but Yak buries it!
  • 5-0!  3 of them on the PP.  20 shots.
  • Dubnyk with a huge save!
  • 4th line almost scores.
  • Come on guys, gets the puck out. Lazy passes.
  • Eberle squeezes through traffic and wrists it on this new goalie.
  • Yak with Hemsky gets broken up.
  • Commercial break...
  • Petry makes play die in Jackets zone. Lazy dump in.
  • Gordon wins faceoff, Smyth to Perron to Justin Schultz and HE SCORES!  Smyth has 3 points. Perron has 4.
  • 6-0.  Can you believe it?  Why didn't I go to this game?
  • Uh oh, Oilers on their heels.  Come on, let's get Dubnyk a shutout.
  • Yak chips it through middle, Hemsky almost picks it up to shoot.
  • Looks like Yak-Nuge-Hemsky is the line now. 
  • And now Perron-Hall-Eberle?  Weird.
  • Come on guys, no goals at the end here. Ok good.

3rd Period

  • Dubnyk gives puck away and still not great with puck behind net but players not getting in a good position for him to pass to, so who knows. They need to practice that more.
  • Hall's stick is quite orange.
  • Petry draws a penalty and falls into boards. Ouch.
  • Smyth loses puck in Jackets' end. 
  • Yak with a quick smart shot from left side. Rebound though.
  • Oh, this is a power play.  I forgot.
  • Hall knocked down again.
  • Now they get setup, no good shots.
  • Hall to Acton almost good. Hall's mouth hurt, he heads off.
  • Give away by Gordon at blue line.
  • Perron weaves in and out of zone while fully checked but still able to pass puck to defense to reset.
  • Commercial break...
  • Hemsky with a hit.
  • Come on Gagner.
  • Eberle hauled down. No call but it's 6-0 so..
  • Justin fires it into traffic at net and it touches Smyth's stick and trinkles over the crossbar. Close one.
  • Nikitin with a hard shot into traffic, doesn't reach net.  Those shots make me nervous with all the screens.
  • Hemsky with an opportunity, blocked.
  • Yak is flying on right side, stops and passes, puck fumbles, Gagner open in front, gets totally robbed with a great save. Lazy backhand shot though in my opinion--could have had more umph.
  • Commercial break...
  • Nuge getting feisty!
  • No yawning stupid fan.
  • Shot on Dubnyk. Saved easily.
  • Ference mucking with Boo at net after.
  • Another shot on Dubnyk, saved.  Jackets with only 13 shots.
  • Yak flying again, passes, then moves to side of net where Gagner shoots but it deflects up into netting.
  • Oilers on their heels again.
  • Ryan Murray gets an open shot, goes wide.
  • Great save by Dubnyk.  I'm typing Dubnyk too much here.
  • Oilers eating up time.
  • 5 minutes left
  • Hemsky makes a good d-play and puck gets deflected to Jackets' end, whistle.
  • Commerical break...

  • @STAZE_ "Tonight's 6 goals are double that of which the had scored the previous 6 home games."

  • Jackets' sixth straight loss at Rexall. 
  • Yak with a snap. Saved.  31 shots.
  • Nuge splits traffic, Hall tries to shoot but is stopped.  
  • Now in Oilers end.
  • Eberle with a pass off the boards to Hall on breakaway, fanned but it still goes in.  #HockeyGods
  • 7-0
  • Hall... 6 points in his 7th game since back from injury.
  • Gazdic brings it down to corner but not much happens.
  • Belov flattens Johansen
  • Gagner with a good move to Yak, who centres it, no one there.
  • Hall to Hemsky to Hall with shot, misses.
  • 1 minute left. Crowd is cheering, finally.
  • Crowd is standing on their feet and cheering.
An absolute blow out.  Dubnyk with his 7th career shutout.

My Stars:
1. Perron - 2 goals, 2 assists
2. Yakupov - 1 goal, 1 assist
3. Smyth - 1 goal, 2 assists


They were due to have this type of game.  The Hockey Gods are still smilin'.

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