Friday, November 8, 2013

Bolts 4 - Oilers 2

Both Taylors were good tonight. What a totally different energy with Hall back. I thought the Oilers as a whole played really well both ways. So many bloody chances! But what often happens is one or two brainfarts ruin it. Yak, Ference, Smid. Ok three. Other than that, Ben Bishop stole the show... And friggin Stamkos took advantage of those Oil farts. 

When Perron is back Saturday, I assume we're sending Omark back down. And when Joensuu is back, Gazdic sits right and we can finally have a real 4th line. But that puts 3 forwards so Acton and/or Eager get sent down too, right?

And finally the power play is back. 

37 shots! Fack!!!!

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