Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oilers 2 - Flyers 4

Perron and Joensuu return with only Perron making any impact.

I thought the reffing was poor. Belov hardly hit the guy. 

Flyers were a bigger and tougher team but so what? 

Of course Claude Giroux would break his scoring slump on us--on Ference and Dubnyk.

Flyers aren't a good team overall but they played well as one.

I missed Smid today. We needed him in this tough board game. I'm not happy with his trade to Calgary and don't think it's a move to make cap space for Bryz. Speaking of Bryz, I'm not a fan.

Sometimes management moves are to shake up the team and motivate. I think they had the opposite affect and it demoralized this team. 

They lacked heart today--something that Smid consistently brought to every game.

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