Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oilers 4 - Panthers 3 in OT

Arco! He can even do it from his off wing! Not once, but twice! He's sure making Gagner look quite expendable. 

In fact, all three old Oilers look expendable..Gagner, Smyth and Hemsky. Hemsky. He works well with Eberle but who doesn't! Hemsky made a pass to no one at mid-ice like he a big brain fart. But I think I prefer him on his off wing. Maybe every winger should play their off wing now. It's the new trend in Oiler forward fashion!

On all three goals against, Oilers had big gaps in the middle slot. Our centres are getting caught over to one side here, including the Nuge.

But speaking of Nuge, feeding Larsen and Fedun, both d-men pinching on 2 on 1s was gold. 

Bloody Ebs can't catch a break. He's so close on goals but something tells me his wrist still isn't fully healed. He's got no snap to his shot, unlike Larsen with his quick snappers from the point. Impressive.

The game seemed choppy and amateurish overall, especially with what appeared to be a sellout crowd. And by sellout, I mean that the fans in Sunrise, Florida have really sold out the team. I've seen more people at a Topeka, Roadrunners game in Kansas. 

Anyway, still not a great game overall by the Oilers and not a pretty win. They appeared to posses the puck way more but had Hemsky-like brain farts along the way. The usual. They should have won 5-1 by my gut.

By the way, I really liked the way Larsen and Fedun played. Tough but calm and they knew exactly when to pinch on offence and it paid off.

One more thing, man is Gordon a master on faceoffs. 

Oh yes, we know--Yak has a hard shot. That's all he did. He stood there and waited for the puck to come to him. I'm losing patience with him. But being that I lost patience on Hemsky years ago, move Hemsky first please. Which is what we're hearing about a possible deal with the Rangers.

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