Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Oilers healthy lineup...

What happens when Hall, Smyth, Joensuu, Pitlick, Hamilton, and MacIntyre all return?  This is a difficult task to put the lines together.  It's fair to say now that we need defensive-minded forwards with at least 1 or 2 on each line. With that in mind, consider this:

1. Hall-Nuge-Ebs:   Nuge n Ebs are both not too bad defensively.
2. Jones-Arco-Gags:   Jones is playing well d-wise and can get in front of the net, and Arco is one of our best forwards d-wise and is better at centre than Gags in my opinion--heck in many people's opinions.
3. Perron-Gordon-Yak/Hem: Yak/Hem aren't high defensively but Hemsky is better. Picture Gordon winning a faceoff in our end back to Justin and he fires it to Yak, Hem, or Perron and a way we go.
4. Smyth-Pitlick-Joensuu:  Now THERE's a 4th line.  Pitlick can actually play centre.

It's pretty crowded, isn't it?  What of Ryan Hamilton, Lander, Gazdic, Eager, MacIntyre?  Keep Lander as he's the most versitile of the bunch. Gazdic just isn't getting any bites on fights and is proving himself not worthy.

But right now, with Perron day-to-day and Hall, Smyth, Joensuu, Hamilton, and Pitlick out, I would suggest this:
1. Jones-Arco-Ebs2. Yak-Nuge-Gags
3. Lander-Gord-Hem
4. Gazdic-Acton-Eager

From Bob Stauffer this morning at practice we have:
1. Jones-RNH-Hemsky
2. Yakupov-Gagner-Eberle
3. Arcobello-Gordon-Lander/Hamilton
4. Gazdic-Acton-Eager
..Smyth skating as a D. No J. Schultz

That 3rd line is all centres. Poor Arco.. he really should be at centre on at least the 2nd line.  And what's this about Justin?  Not another one!

On defense, it's pretty straight forward, but each line should have a puck mover and a stay-at-home.  Belov and Justin just doesn't work for anyone.

1. Ference-Petry
2. Smid-J.Schultz
3 .N.Schultz-Belov

If any injuries should come (Justin?) there's a slew of decent 5/6 guys like Larsen, Fedun, Marincin, Davidson to call up, but that means we gotta send down Hamilton.

What a mess.

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