Monday, October 28, 2013

Oilers 1 vs. Kings 2 (SO) notes

The Good

Richard Bachman. Wow. It was his point and his point only.  I won't go further into him being a backup or #1 at this time. Way too early.  He's a bit small though and needs to come out more to cut angles compared to Dubey who generally stays tight to the net.

Yak scores his first of the year and on a PP.  Hope it's the first of many, many more, especially with Hall out of the lineup. We need that shot threat.  I've said all along that Nuge and Yak need to switch spots on the PP and put Jones in front instead of Perron.  

Jonesy.  Tenacious. Going after Clifford for kneeing Nuge was noble, but perhaps dumb.  That said, it turned a corner for the Oilers who soon after had Yak score one off a rebound.  I liked Nick Schultz's hit on Clifford as well.

The Bad

Our puny but skilled offence didn't get a chance to do much as it was fighting along the boards with the big Kings and losing more often than not.  Wow do we miss our power forwards Joensuu, Pitlick, and Smyth right now.  Our guys were beaten up by the 3rd period and had little energy left.  It's amazing they got through it with 23 shots and only 1 goal.  

The reffing.  Perron got punched in the back of the head in front of the net. No call.  Reminded me of the no call on Nuge against the Leaves. Then Nuge gets kneed by Clifford and no call.  Kings 2nd goal got called back due to goalie interference but there was no penalty for goalie interference although it did seem Schultz pushed him into it. That said, it seemed like a reffing paradox to me.

Hemsky's passing.  I'm so sick of him looping around to the left side and passing backwards and losing the puck, it's just sickening to watch after all these years.  Someone make him stop when he gets behind the net. Just stop. Right there. Now. And then go back the way you came.  Eberle does it all the time, why can't you, Hemmer? Why?  WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!?

The Ugly

The number of shots Bachman faced put the Oilers Corsi at a terrible 25%.  The "Swarm" was ineffective, although I hate to beat a dead horse here, but the wingers are still cheating and not fully committing to a team defense.  Not as badly as before, but Eakins must be losing his mind.

Questions remain...

Is Bachman the backstop saviour?  We'll see.

Will the Oilers make the playoffs now?  Very highly unlikely now after 13 games unless they can go 40-19-10.  Why? Because the Western teams are kicking the crap out of the East and the point total will be around 95 or more points.

When is Gagner back and what to do with Arco, who's been playing very well both ways (including leading the team in hits!)?  I say keep Arco and put Gags on his right wing, drop Hemsky to third line... OR send Acton down.

Healthy line up 1:

Healthy line up 2:

I look at this though and say, someone has to be sent down or traded when Hall, Gags, and Joensuu are back. It's crowded.  You gotta know that MacT is going to do something.  But unfortunately, they gotta be healthy.

Did I mention I hate the NHL refs?

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