Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oilers - The "A" Game and Smyth

Today, Eakins announced 6 alternate captains. Six. Hall, Nuge, Ebs, Gags, Smyth, Nick Schultz. With Nuge n Gags out that leaves four, all who have worn an "A" before. It's a good thing. All have led by example. I'm particularly enamoured by Smyth not only being on the first line with Hall and Hem but being given an "A". Eakins must see what I see and what Krueger didn't, where he buried him in an unknown position on 4th line centre.
I've said all along that Smyth should be Smyth--parking and grinding behind and in front of the net, which, by the way is 4 inches shallower, fitting for wrap arounds. Look for that along with deflections and garbage goals from the veteran.

To the Smyth naysayers, it was unfair for him last year under a very bad defensive system.

This year is a clean slate. Eakins has said so and shown it. Smyth has had nothing to prove other than being himself.. a true tough, experienced grinder.

Game on!

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