Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oilers at Coyotes Rant

That was one of the most unluckiest games for the Oilers I've ever seen. The refs were just awful. The elbow on Petry should have been a misconduct. Ference and Smid didn't do squat to deserve time in the box. Arco deflects a high shot that caught the post to go in on LaBarbera. 

Eakins has been mentioning the "Hockey Gods" and how they haven't been kind. I'd suggest not even thinking about Hockey Gods to not give them any clout, if they exist. 

Once again, the team played well overall but can't seem to find the twine. Everything they didn't do well last year, faceoffs, defensive system, shots, going to the net, puck possession, five on five, the Oilers are doing above average overall. But all the positives from last year, we're not doing--PK, PP, goaltending, and mostly, team play. 

A big thing Eakins is also learning as he goes is line matchups. It's almost as if he's experimenting these first chunk of games. Why our first line with a defensive lack like Yak is matched up against Ovechkin seems insane to me. 

Speaking of Yak, on the PP, why is he not on the right half wall to unleash his Sowetzer and Nuge not behind the net working magic and a big guy in front of the net clearing paths? Even Eager would do here now.

The 3rd and 4th lines have played very well both ways the last two games. I'm a huge Pitlick fan and was ecstatic he scored his first goal today. Sucks he got injured on that crazy hip check hit though. I hope he bounces back.

Speaking of luck, let's not forget we're missing two top scorers and now three power forwards. 

I still believe this team is better overall than last year because our five on five is much better. When they find a better PP system and lineup there, I think it will turn around in 10 more games. 

But I fear, like you, it will be too late.

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