Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oilers - Game 1 vs Jets

Highlight players: Joensuu, Hemsky, Belov, Gazdic! 

Struggled: Yak, Ebs, Justin, Smyth

Poor: Hall, Dubnyk

Blame the "poor" from above all you want but wow are we weak weak weak down the middle. One guy. Only one guy with NHL experience at centre (Gordon).

I'll say it again--Hall clearly misses playing with Ebs n Nuge.

4 goals should win most games. And it was true until the 3rd period. Oilers executed their new swarm D in the first two periods quite well but about 6-7 minutes into the 3rd, the tank ran out.

Eakins admitted to poor player management. Joensuu's line should have been playing top minutes but he was 5 minutes behind Smyth. As Eakins said, Smyth had an average game.

Dubnyk missed two goals and was bow average tonight.

Hall turned over the puck too much.

Those three guys need to step it up.

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